Pittsburgh Plays McCartney (Pittsburgh, PA)

Mr. Small's Theatre, 400 Lincoln Avenue , Millvale, PA 15209

A two-night tribute to the music of Paul McCartney and the Beatles! Doors open at 7 pm, show at 8 pm. All ages. Featuring Cello Fury (strings) and Beauty Slap (horns) in collaboration with:

Jake Anderkovitch, Jon Belan, T. Mitchell Bell, Diego Byrnes, Justin Campbell, Jeremy Caywood, Chris Colditz, Andre Costello, Chris Dos, Alex Drizos, Chris Fafalios, Josh Fiedler, Sean Finn, Tim Gaber, Stephen Gallo, Bobby Garver, Jonathan Gunnell, Michael Lindner, Bill Maruca, Shawn McGregor, Paul Menotiades, Sharon Mok, Cory Muro, Byron Nash, Patrick Norman, Anthony Pecora, Joe Peleski, Nick Revak, Steve Soboslai, Eddan Sparks, Brett Staggs, Shane Turner, Chet Vincent, Harrison Wargo, Jenn Wertz, Derek White, James Wolff, Derek Woods, Brett Zoric and more to be announced.